Currently the big push is to have a company's activities cause as little environmental impact as possible. The problem is most "green" projects cost more to implement than any reasonable return on investment, making the decision to go ahead a difficult one.

However, there are exceptions, such as converting to one-piece Venturi steam traps from Enercon Systems.

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There are immediate and lasting benefits, such as:

Fuel Economy--Venturi users are seeing a 15 percent to 25 percent reduction in the fuel used to operate their boilers. The Venturi’s ability to more effectively remove condensate, creates an improved energy (steam) to mass (condensate) ratio resulting in an increase of BTU’s per cubic foot in the system, thus requiring that fewer pounds of this higher thermal energy steam be produced.

Powering Down--Most plants can then lower the operating steam pressure to match the process temperatures required. This is possible because Venturi units maintain a consistent pressure within the system, unlike mechanical traps that have an erratic and unpredictable cycle leading to fluctuations in steam pressure. These fluctuations require the Boiler to operate at higher pressures to insure the steam distribution system never drops below set points for pressure and/or temperature. Environmentally, this reduction in fuel usage, by definition, means a corresponding reduction in thermal and particulate air pollution emitted by the powerhouse by the same percentages as the Fuel Reduction numbers.

Energy "Dumping”--Enercon units never fail, unlike mechanical steam traps, that would allow large amounts of steam to be released into the atmosphere. This not only requires more fuel to make up for the losses, but the thermal pollution that would result could have unfortunate consequences for the area around the facility.

Replacement--Enercon Venturi units never need replacement or repair. Compare this to the almost constant rebuilding or substitution program that must be done with mechanical traps. Over the years, the amount of steam trap material requiring disposal becomes significant--not to mention the cost involved in parts and labor. In addition, drier steam would extend the life of steam-related equipment such as solenoids, control valves, steam coils, heat exchangers, soot houses, etc. from the effects of "Water Hammer". On the condensate return side, the elimination of any appreciable live steam would protect items such as condensate return pump assemblies.

Alternative Sources--By optimizing steam production, Venturi steam traps improve the viability of using other energy sources, such as solar, geothermal, agricultural or landfill, giving designers more choices in determining which resource is best utilized for a specific locality.

As you can see, each of these environmental benefits has an immediate and substantial money-saving component as soon as the Enercon units are installed. Let one of our technicians show you how to achieve maximum savings. Don’t just go green; go greener with Enercon.

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